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Cusco Power Brace Front Member CT9A Evo 7/8/9 (will not work w/ factory bumper beam)

Regular price $240.30 USD
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Front Member Power Brace by Cusco

Cusco chassis bars are engineered to prevent chassis flex during high cornering loads, keeping the suspension geometry at a static state.

Cusco USA®, a division of Carrosser Co. Ltd, constantly researches, develops, and tests its products to meet global market demands. The company offers high-grade coilover kits, chassis bars, suspension parts, engine parts, and more premium products suitable for street or track use. Cusco USA makes its utmost to offer top-notch vehicle components that provide improved driving experience. Backed with years of manufacturing experience, the company guarantees the exceptional quality and reliability of all its products.

Please Note: Will not work w/ factory bumper beam.