Split Second Fuel Controller - 4 Injectors (AIC1-V4H)

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The Split Second fuel controller is a simple solution to adding fuel to your direct injected or other type of engine. These are popular when adding injectors to an already established, factory fuel system that cannot be upgraded to support desired power levels. This controller features 4 channel tachometer pickup to monitor RPMs accurately and has a 0-5V reference input, as well. The controller is also prewired for 4 Bosch style injectors and can be plugged right into the injectors from the start. You do not need to add the connectors unless you are using a different style injector. Software for tuning the controller is included in each kit and gives you the ability to fine tune your extra fueling based on the preconfigured controller setup. Additional hardware is included for complete injector controller setup.

*Comes standard with USCAR style connector. If you would like a different connector style, please contact us.