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Tial Q Blow Off Valve 8psi Spring Silver Universal

Tial Q Blow Off Valve 8psi Spring Silver Universal

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On this page, you are looking at the Tial Q Blow Off Valve. This blow-off valve delivers in performance for vehicles from mid to high horsepower levels to relieve boost.




  • Flows 60% more than the original design
  • One of the best performing valves on the market
  • Retains the same flange as the original version
  • Polished finish
  • Includes V-band clamp, weld-on flange, and vacuum banjo fittings
  • 8 psi spring


    The spring pressure in the valve does not correlate with the amount of boost pressure you want to run. The size spring you need is determined by your engine vacuum at idle. Please refer to the charge below to select the right pressure for you.


    ENGINE VACUUM READING SPRING COLOR SPRING RATE -22 and -23 in/Hg Brown -12 PSI (-24 in/Hg) -20 and -21 in/Hg Yellow -11 PSI (-22 in/Hg) -16 and -19 in/Hg Un-painted -10 PSI (-20 in/Hg) -12 and -15 in/Hg White -8 PSI (-16 in/Hg) -8 and -11 in/Hg Black -6 PSI (-12 in/Hg)

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