Alex Forte'

Alex is our in-house Sales Manager. He has a vast knowledge on the Focus ST/RS, Subaru WRX/STI, and Evo platforms. He's owned an Evo, S2K, and has had multiple Focus STs. Alex is our resident air ride specialist, but also loves building for performance.

Whether you are looking to get low or go fast, get in contact with Alex via email at on instagram at or on facebook at

Joey Robson

Joey is from Chicago IL. He is our dedicated Mk5 Supra specialist, if you're looking to tune your supra, get bolt-ons, or snag a drag pack to shave some time off your 1/4 mile, Joey is the man to reach out to!
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Steph is located in TX. She has owned and built her Focus ST, Evo X, Explorer ST and more. She is extremely knowledge in all of those platforms as well as many others. 

Hablo español también so aquí estoy para servirles en lo que necesiten para su vehículo.

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David Cooper

David Cooper lives in Kansas City, MO and has been working with his Evo X since 2018. This, along with over eight years of experience in the Nissan/Infiniti platform has brought the Z/G market up to speed with others at Graveyard Performance. David has also branched out heavily in the Subaru market in his time with us filling any gaps in those AWD groups. Check out his Instagram and Direct Message him on there to get started on your car's wishlist! @David_at_GraveyardPerformance


Dorothy Nguyen

Meet Dorothy from Houston. She’s the go-to for horsepower and style. Her fleet consists of a Subaru STI and a top mount kitted Toyota Supra.

She specializes in Supras, BMWs, Camaros, and Subarus. Dorothy isn’t just about knowledge; she’s about speed. Need a top mount turbo kit? Fueling upgrades? Drag packs? Dorothy’s got you!

   Whether you’re a rookie rev-head or a seasoned gearhead, Dorothy will fine-tune your ride with precision. Buckle up, your automotive dreams are about to hit the fast lane!

Reach out to her on Facebook or Instagram!


Mackenzy Meeker

Mackenzy is located in SE TX. An STI enthusiast at heart, he spends most of his time focused on the VA/VB platforms but is knowledgeable about all Subaru platforms. He contributed to new product releases for the VB platform and is excited to keep pushing boundaries new platforms. He's also ventured into the VQ platform, with a a G35 drift build!

Reach out to him on Facebook or Instagram!