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Reys Mazda Parts E85 Safe Mazdaspeed HPFP Rebuild Kit

Reys Mazda Parts E85 Safe Mazdaspeed HPFP Rebuild Kit

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Add Autotech HPFP Internals

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A dirty and/or worn HPFP can cause a lack of fuel supply to the rail, mixing fuel and oil in the crankcase, clogging of fuel injectors and failure of HPFP internals altogether. Even if you’re not running an E mix this kit is a warranted maintenance item. Premium gasoline can now have as much as 10%-15% ethanol content and your fuel pump was never designed to work with ethanol.


In the kit are all the E85 safe seals needed to service the HPFP, a mass air flow sensor O-ring, the filters for the inlet bypass assembly and the pressure relief valve, and new hardware for the pump that uses hex sockets instead of the tamper proof torx and e torx that commonly cause issues for so many.

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