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PTP Turbo Blankets Heat Wrap Lava 2in x 100ft - Universal

PTP Turbo Blankets Heat Wrap Lava 2in x 100ft - Universal

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PTP is one of the leading suppliers of turbo blankets, heat wraps, as well as other excellent heat-fighting products to reduce your engine bay temperatures and to protect other surrounding engine components from heat damage. 

On this page, you are looking at the PTP Turbo Blankets Lava Exhaust Wrap. You can use this exhaust wrap on exhaust manifolds and downpipes on a turbocharged application. And you can also wrap headers on a naturally aspirated vehicle, or even the pipes on your motorcycle. This wrap has been constructed from fragmentized lava rock that has been extruded into the fibers in a proprietary weave which works well to dissipate heat without over insulating your piping.

The result is cooler underhood temperatures for improved performance. More importantly, this heat wrap is both chemical and oil resistant that will not shrink or lose flexibility while under extreme conditions. 

It will come in a 2-inch x 100 ft in size and has a direct contact continuous use limit of 1800°F (982°C).

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