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OEM Mazdaspeed VVT kit

OEM Mazdaspeed VVT kit

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Add Serpentine Belt
Add VVT Oil Control Valve

One of the common issues with the MZR motor is the weak OEM VVT Actuator. These are known for going out and Mazda has revised the OEM VVT actuator to make it stronger and keep it from failing. 

How can you tell if your VVT Actuator is failing?

You will hear a rattle on start up coming from the passenger side of the motor.

What's happening is the actuator can't hold oil pressure and therefore it can't take up the slack in the chain and allows it to hit the timing cover. This is the first sign that your VVT Actuator is going out and you will need to replace it quickly. If the car slips timing, pistons will meet valves and you will be left looking for a new motor.

If you are only looking for certain components in the kit, use the list below with links to each individual part. Product may vary from image.

Items Included in the Kit:

Mazda OEM VVT Actuator

Mazda OEM Timing Chain

Mazda OEM Timing Chain Tensioner

Mazda OEM Camshaft Friction Washer x2

Mazda OEM Crankshaft Friction Washers x3

Mazda OEM Crank Pulley Bolt

Mazda OEM Front Oil Seal

Mazda OEM Chain Guide

Mazda OEM Chain Tensioner Guide

Mazda OEM Valve Cover Gasket

Mazda OEM HPFP Cam Housing Gasket

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