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Mitsubishi DiaQueen GL5 LSD Gear Oil - 1QT

Mitsubishi DiaQueen GL5 LSD Gear Oil - 1QT

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If you would like to KEEP your Mitsubishi Evolution VIII or IX transfer case in one piece we strongly recommend using this DiaQueen GL5 fluid and ONLY THIS! We also recommended that you change your fluid every 15,000 miles depending on how hard the car has been driven. This OEM Mitsubishi DiaQueen GL5 LSD Gear Oil is the fluid of choice for your rear differential as well so stock up! Sticking to OEM fluids will help preserve the life of your drivetrain and as always we have the best pricing on all Mitsbishi OEM parts and fluids for your Evo!

Diaqueen LSD is now only available in quart containers. The rear differential holds .55L and the transfer case requires .6L.

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