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Mazdaspeed6 Racing Power Steering Cooler Kit

Regular price $115.00 USD
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Add hose for front hardline replacement

The Damond Motorsports Racing Power Steering Cooler Kit, for the 06-07 Mazdaspeed6, is ideal for lowering power steering temperatures on the track. Our Power Steering Cooler Kits utilize a stacked plate cooler design, over a tube and fin design. The stacked plate cooler design can provide more effective cooling with a smaller sized cooler, and it is more durable, compared to tube and fin design coolers. This new larger cooler features 275% more cooling surface area compared to the cooler in our Power Steering Cooler kit

Our power steering cooler kits are complete kits, and we include everything needed to install the cooler. The cooler itself is mounted in the same general area as the factory hardline, and hot air is pulled from the wheel well shroud. It can be mounted vertical or horizontal to allow room for intercooler piping and other accessories. The fog light shroud can be modified to provide more air flow to the cooler. The factory hardline tends to leak around the cooling fins, making the DM PS cooler kit a low cost alternative, for a factory hardline replacement.
Also available is a longer length of hose to replace the factory front hardline, included are p-clamps to secure the hose. 

NOTE: This kit is primarily recommend for race use, and is not recommend in cold climates.