MAPerformance FP Turbo Upgrade Kit with Investment Cast Manifold | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X

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Cast Evo X Exhaust Manifold by MAPerformance

As an Evo X owner you could have purchased a base model Lancer, but you chose the turbocharged 291hp Evolution model instead. Some may argue that the AWD system was their main motiviation; While that may very well be true we're going to assume that, for the vast majority of you, the additional 139hp generated by the 4b11t powerplant sealed the deal. One dilemma...

Horsepower is addicting. And we've got a revolutionary new product that is sure to pique the interests of stock frame turbo owners everywhere. Drawing from our porting and tubular exhaust manifold design experience we've invested countless man hours into research and development of this manifold including 3D rendering, virtual flow testing, rapid prototyping, and ultimately flow bench testing to confirm that we have produced the best possible product for our customers. Yielding an astounding 22% average increase in exhaust flow over the OEM exhaust manifold and less imbalance this manifold will produce more power. Oh, by the way...

Your OEM exhaust manifold is most likely cracked, and it's only going to get worse. A bold statement indeed, but as one of the most popular resources for ported OEM exhaust manifolds we have been stock piling manifold cores for years. As of late it has become incredibly hard to find an OEM exhaust manifold without a crack in the collector. So what is the solution? The Investment Cast Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold for Evo X by MAPerformance!

Mitsubishi Evo X MHI TF06-18K Turbo by Forced Performance

Straight out of Japan from our friends at MHI comes a new factory upgrade for the Mitsubishi Evolution X. Very little is shared with the stock turbo, this is a brand new design specifically for the EVO X.

The turbine wheel is a new TF06-07 mated to an all new billet 18KX3RC compressor wheel co-designed by Forced Performance. The compressor cover has also gotten the redesign treatment and features a 3" inlet and surge ports. The stock wastegate actuator has been ditched in favor of this new MHI high pressure 18PSI actuator.

What does this mean for you? A stock frame turbocharger, designed by the best in the business, manufactured by the company that built your car, that's capable of stock like spool, and producing around 54LB a minute.

[OPTIONAL] Evo X Oil Feed Line Kit

This is our high flow replacement oil supply line for all EVO X stock frame journal bearing turbos. Our filter supply line provides plenty of flow to keep lubrication to the turbo's bearings which is essential. Included in our supply line kit is our MAP inline filter with a replaceable filter element which helps to ensure the turbo is receiving good, clean oil, free of particulate matter or debris.


  • Stock frame compatibility with more boost!
  • Replace your old/cracked stock manifold with our high flow cast manifold
  • Optionally add a new oil feed line to finish the job right


  • 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X

What's In The Box?

  • (1) Forced Performance MHI TF06-18K Turbocharger
  • (1) MAPerformance Investment Cast Manifold
  • [OPTIONAL] MAPerformance Turbo Oil Feed Line
  • Installation Hardware


  • Manufacturer Standard Warranty