MAP Mitsubishi Ralliart to EVO X Turbo Swap Kit

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Mitsubishi Ralliart to EVO X turbo swap kit. This kit is designed for Ralliart owners who want to run a stock frame EVO X turbo. Includes everything except the turbo, inlet pipe, outlet pipe, and manifold.


  • O2 Housing / Turbo Outlet Gasket 1555A289
  • 2 Manifold - Turbine Studs MN119784
  • Banjo Bolt (Head Side) MF650102
  • Banjo Bolt (Turbo Side) MS650013
  • 2 Coolant Bolts MF650114
  • 2 Water Line Gaskets MF660064
  • 2 Turbo Oil Feed Tube Gaskets 1226A003
  • 4 Water Line Gaskets MF660065
  • Oil Drain Tube to Turbo Gasket MR258477
  • Turbo Water Feed Pipe 1310A577
  • Turbo Water Return Pipe 1310A469
  • Turbo Oil Return Tube 1225A181
  • Turbo Oil Feed Tube 1225A155