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Kracka's Ultimate Evo X Shifter Package

Kracka's Ultimate Evo X Shifter Package

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Model Year - Shifter Bushings
Redline Fluid Package

The thrill of performance driving is probably best felt not in the feel of the car pushing forward, or the sound of the engine revving. For us, it’s the shifting. That’s where we really feel like we’re in command of the car, and the machine around us becomes part of us.

It’s amazing how much a better shifter increases that connection between driver and vehicle. Kracka’s Ultimate Shifter Package for the 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo is one of our favorite upgrades for the transmission. This short shifter kit gives you everything you need to reduce the metal-on-metal feel of the stock transmission. That notchy feeling will disappear, and you’ll feel shorter, precise shifts — that’s important whether you’re driving casually around town or competitively on the track.

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