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GetaDomTune Cylinder 4 Chamber Cooling System w/ Metal Fitting - Subaru Models (inc. 2004+ STI / 2002-2014 WRX)

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Industry first (and patent pending) DOHC EJ Cylinder 4 Combustion Chamber Cooling kit increases coolant flow in the LH head to improve reliability by reducing detonation causing hot spots, reducing EGT delta and improving overall cooling system performance. 

Each kit contains:

1x Coolant pipe assembled with a high grade silicone hose, Stainless Pinch clamp, Custom machined and anodized 6061 fitting. 

3x 316SS or 304SS embossed worm clamps (subject to market availability)

1x Instruction Sheet


WRX 2002-2014

 STI 2002-2020

Legacy GT 2005-2009


Fits all EJ years and models except 2010+ LGT.