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Focus RS Throttle Body Spacer

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Larger throttle body?

Need a nice clean setup to inject additional fluid into your air stream?  Don't want to tap pipes on your car?  Look no further. 

The Damond Motorsports Throttle Body Spacer has six 1/8" NPT ports to hook up whatever you want to inject right before the intake manifold.  It sandwiches between your throttle body and intake manifold and allows you to thread in multiple nozzles, lines, or injectors. The spacer comes with all the hardware you need for an easy install, including bolts, o-rings(including a spare), washers, and all the plugs you'll need.

Unlike many other TB spacers on the market for the Focus RS, the Damond Motorsports Throttle Body spacer has a larger inner diameter opening, to match the intake manifold opening, rather than the size of the throttle body. 

If you're running our larger 63mm throttle body kit, be sure to select the "Yes"