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Damond Motorsports

Fiesta ST Rear Motor Mount

Fiesta ST Rear Motor Mount

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The Damond Motorsports Rear Motor Mount is a must have for any Fiesta ST enthusiast wanting a more connected driving experience.  Not only does the mount drastically reduce engine movement, it also helps to lessen wheel-hop, and improve both clutch engagement and shifting feel. 

Taking what we’ve learned on the Focus and Mazdaspeed platforms, we designed this mount to strike the perfect balance between racecar and daily-drivability for the Fiesta ST.  Nothing harsh enough to rattle your teeth out, but a little stiffer and less movement compared to the competition.

We utilize off-the-shelf bushings sourced from a market leader of polyurethane bushings, so reliability with longer than OE mount service intervals are to be expected. The bushing pairs themselves are specified at different durometers, allowing both high and low frequency vibrations to be absorbed, throughout most of the RPM range. 

Available in Black anodize with Black or Red bushings.

Note: With this mount there will be added NVH over stock, as well as a slight break-in period for NVH to settle. 

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