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Edelbrock Fuel System Universal Fuel Sump Module Adjustable Fuel Sump Tank Only 255 LPH

Edelbrock Fuel System Universal Fuel Sump Module Adjustable Fuel Sump Tank Only 255 LPH

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These Universal Sump Fuel Kits are designed to provide the necessary high fuel pressure required for EFI applications in vehicles equipped with an existing low pressure carbureted fuel system. They are a complete self-contained system that can be easily installed under the hood. The unique design of these systems allow them to deliver a constant fuel pressure with no fuel return line, external fuel pressure regulator or fuel tank modifications. They are compatible with the existing factory fuel tank and pump. They are ideal for use with various aftermarket EFI systems and with many popular engine swap applications that require constant 35-70 psi fuel pressure. These Fuel Sump Kits feature a compact design that is adjustable from 35 to 90 psi and includes a vacuum reference port. They are available in 67 and 105 gph flow rates and can support up to 750 HP. Both are great solutions when used with an E-Street, Pro-Flo 3 or other aftermarket EFI system. Each complete kit includes a durable, lightweight plastic fuel sump tank with high pressure fuel pump, wiring harness, hose and fittings. Fuel Sump Tank Only (#36032 and #36034) are for builders and consumers that want to utilize their own hose and fittings. Will require the installation of a vent line from the sump overflow vent port to the fuel tank or a charcoal canister (if applicable). These kits are the most affordable way to make your fuel system EFI ready.
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