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cp-e™ ΔCore™ Ford Focus ST Lightweight FMIC

cp-e™ ΔCore™ Ford Focus ST Lightweight FMIC

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After months of engineering and development, cp-e™ is proud to release the Focus ST Lightweight FMIC. The stock intercooler does an excellent job for the everyday driver that doesn’t want to modify their car. However, once you find that itch to go faster, the intercooler is a must have modification.

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  • Lightweight, highly efficient design
  • Minimal Pressure Drop
  • Maximized Core Design
  • Substantially Lower & More Consistent Charge Temps
  • Bolt-in Design, No Vehicle Modification Needed
  • Fully Cast End-Tanks

cp-e™ started off by determining the maximum size core that could fit without major modification to the vehicle. After our initial large core, we set out to build a lightweight version that combines performance with a smaller footprint. What we ended up with is a 28” x 8.25” x 3.5” core that performs great with lighter weight and a smaller size. This core uses the bar and plate design to help ensure a high level of efficiency.

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