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Alpha Performance 09+ GTR Air Oil Separator
Alpha Performance 09+ GTR Air Oil Separator
Alpha Performance 09+ GTR Air Oil Separator

Alpha Performance 09+ GTR Air Oil Separator

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The Alpha Performance GT-R Air/Oil Separator is designed to remove oil vapor from your VR38's crankcase before it ends up in your intake tubes and combustion chamber.  Oil vapor blow-by can have a detrimental effect on your engine - reducing power output and even causing harmful detonation by altering your air/fuel ratio.

*Remove The Oil Vapor Blow-by, Increase The Power!*
Even if your car is stock, you'll find an oil film in your intake tract due to the inadequate factory PCV system.  As boost increases so do oil vapors.  If you are using ethanol based fuels and/or are using a rebuilt aftermarket engine the problem gets worse. Much worse.  Usually the problem surfaces with oil coming out of your blow off valves making an oily, stinky mess in your engine bay.

*Maintenance Free Oil Recovery*
To solve the problem of excess oil vapor blow-by, our 3 tier design (air inlet, air outlet, reservoir base) effectively separates the oil discharging it back into your oil pan where it belongs.  Often when installing a typical "oil catch can" the oil just sits in the reservoir until it is manually drained.  By incorporating our oil drain back system (with check valve) you never have to worry about draining your oil catch can.  This lessens your chance of running low on oil or the can overflowing into your engine bay.

*Built To Last The Life Of Your GT-R*
The CNC billet aluminum body of the Alpha GT-R Air/Oil Separator is black anodized for corrosion resistance and a stealthy look.  We also use high quality seals and AN fittings.  An Alpha logo is machined into the top as a nice finishing touch to your engine bay.

*Simple Installation*
Because we use all the existing OEM ports, plumbing is made simple.  We include all the brackets, lines and hardware for a turn-key solution.

*Exclusive Benefits*
* Compatible with the Alpha Fuel Cooler
* Ensures dry intake system maximizing power output
* Oil drains back into your oil pan
* Simple installation using factory ports for plumbing
* Includes all brackets, lines and hardware