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Air Lift Viair 444C Compressor - 200 PSI

Air Lift Viair 444C Compressor - 200 PSI

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The Air Lift Performance Viair 444C Compressor is available for separate purchase for those of you who need a replacement air compressor, or it's available for those of you putting together a custom Air Lift Performance suspension setup.

This is a 12-volt compressor capable of a max pressure of 200 psi with a 20 max amp draw. The fill rate is a total of 5 gallons and can go from 0-200psi in 5:30 minutes, and can go from 165-200psi in 1:35 minutes. It also produces 1.76 CFM for max efficiency. 

This compressor will come with all the required hardware, fittings, and brackets to make this air compressor ready for the installation. 

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