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Aerocatch Hood Pins Flush Locking Carbon Look Universa

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AeroCatch Hood latch is a great option that allows you to get away from the standard hood pins that stick out of your hood and take away from the clean look of the car. These are composite material latches that can be used on Hood, Trunk and other body panels that might need to be quickly removed. This new style of hood pin features a carbon fiber look overlay.

  • 2 x AeroCatch Bodies (Carbon Look)
  • 2 x Nut Fixing Plates
  • 2 x Red Aluminium Strikes
  • 2 x Rubber Bump Stops
  • 2 x Key Sets
  • 1 x Fastener Kit
  • 1 x Arrow Sticker Set
  • 1 x AeroCatch Cardboard Template