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Whiteline Sway Bar Kit Front And Rear Adjustable Focus ST 2013-2018

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Whiteline Front and Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Kit for all 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Focus STs.

This Whiteline BMK012 Front and Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Kit for your 2013-2018 Focus ST is designed with the purpose of reducing your body roll and/or body sway. When body roll is reduced the lateral load is more evenly spread out across the tires for an increase in cornering grip and overall performance.

Along with this performance reduction, your new adjustable sway bar kit will activate more grip for improved handling. Additionally, the safety of your ride will improve as will tire wear. Your ride and comfort will not be negatively impacted by the installation of this adjustable sway bar kit.

Featuring an easy installation, this sway bar kit comes with heavy-duty adjustable sway bar links.

Features and Benefits:
- Engineered to activate more grip
- Reduces body roll and sway
- Increased cornering grip and outright performance
- Handling improvement
- Reduces tire wear
- Includes heavy-duty adjustable sway bar links
- Easy to install

Kit Specifications:
- Front: 24mm, 2-point adjustable
- Rear: 24mm, 2-point adjustable