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Whiteline Sway Bar 24MM Heavy-Duty Blade Rear Adjustable Focus ST 2013-2018

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Whiteline Adjustable Rear Heavy-Duty Blade 24MM Sway Bar for all 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018 Focus STs.

If the handling of your 2013-2018 Focus ST could be improved, or you're experiencing the annoying body roll more often, then you’re going to want to start by replacing your Ford vehicle’s sway bar. The Whiteline (BMR93Z) Adjustable Rear Heavy-Duty Blade 24MM Sway Bar will give you better control over your vehicle, enhance balance, and increase ride safety.

Features & Benefits:
- 24MM, 2 point adjustable
- Improves handling and performance
- Reduces body roll and sway
- Better balance
- Customize with fine tuning to your preference
- Silver powder coating resists corrosion
- Blade design
- Lateral locks

With reducing body roll, lateral loads are distributed much more evenly over the tires, which makes for better corner grip and overall performance. The comfort and quality of your ride will not be sacrificed over the performance upgrade you’ll receive with this rear sway bar. You will be able to fine tune with this 2-point adjustable sway bar to match your driving needs. Electrostatically applied, the silver powder coating is cured under heat to perfect a solid, hard skin that is resistant to corrosion. The blade design is created through a stamping process that forms the sway bar into this specific design. The lateral locks can be easily mounted next to the sway bar mounting points, helping to stop shifting and sideways movement.