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Split Second Absolute Pressure, 2 Hi Z Additional Injector Controller

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Hi Z Aboslute Pressure Injector Controller by Split Second

The AIC1-A2H is a laptop programmable additional injector controller. It is programmed with the Split Second R4 engine management software. It controls two high impedance injectors over the complete vacuum region and up to 16 psi of boost. When supplied with a true-tach trigger signal, the additional injector can be set to pulse at the ignition rate of the engine. This insures even distribution of fuel to all cylinders.

The AIC1 is generally used with engines that have been converted to forced induction with the addition of a turbocharger or supercharger. The AIC1 gives the user a convenient way to set the fuel mixture for proper air/fuel ratio in the boost region. The approach of running additional injectors is well suited for late model applications with ECUs that have very tight control over fuel mixture. The fuel system can operate completely stock in the vacuum region and the AIC1 can provide the additional fuel required in boost.

Please Note: The AIC1-A2H comes pre-wired with EV1 connectors. The R4 software is included with this unit.