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South Bend Clutch 13+ Subaru BRZ/FR-S Stage 3 Daily Clutch Kit

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On this page, you are looking at the South Bend Stage 3 Daily Clutch Kit. This particular clutch kit is ideal for those with moderate bolt-ons, and they are rated to +600HP and 800WTQ. 

Here are the details:

  • Recommended for a single mass flywheel
  • Smooth engagement that is not too aggressive for street use
  • Race engineered and SFI approved pressure plate
  • 20-25% Increase in pedal feel
  • Rated to 400ft/lb
  • Includes Disc that has been heat-treated with wear-resistant hubs, drive plates, and springs for high load transfer
  • Includes release bearing
  • Includes alignment tool
  • Includes pilot bearing