Radium Evo X Fuel Rail Kit

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This basic kit includes only the items shown in the picture below. Replacement stainless steel fuel rail bolts and FPR line bolts are included. All fittings must be purchased separately.

20-0112-10 Fuel Rail Kit, EVO X
This option includes everything shown in the picture below. This kit is a direct drop-in replacement for the OEM fuel rail.
-1x  Radium Engineering Evolution X fuel rail with mounting hardware.
-1x  20-0290 5/16in SAE to 6AN Male fitting to adapt the incoming fuel line to 6AN male near the firewall.
-1x  Pre-fabricated 24" long 6AN PTFE hose with 45deg and 90deg swivel ends is included to replace the OEM fuel line.
-1x  14-0151 8AN ORB to 6AN Male Fitting to adapt the 6AN hose to fuel rail inlet port.
-1x  20-0301 FPR Adapter is included for the outlet port permitting the reuse of the OEM pressure regulator.
-1x  14-0150 8AN ORB Plug is included for the top port.