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Mishimoto Exhaust Heat Wrap Set 2"X35' With Locking Ties

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Set of Mishimoto 2"X35' Exhaust Heat Wraps With Locking Ties.

Provide efficiency to your exhaust that you never knew was missing with a set of Mishimoto 2"X35' Exhaust Heat Wraps with Locking Ties MMTW-235. Made with stainless steel, these wraps will insulate your manifolds to maintain the heat built inside, preventing it from reaching your engine instead.

The Mishimoto Exhaust Heat Wrap MMTW-235 reduces engine bay temperatures by means of thermal protection. Heat wraps create cooler air intake temperatures, enhancing the overall performance of your pride and joy. This set includes a 2" x 35' roll of exhaust heat wrap and stainless-steel locking ties, which allows for a perfectly loose wrapping around V8 engines or the option of tightly wrapping a 4-Cylinder engine. Able to handle temperatures of direct heat up to 1800-degree F and radiant temperatures up to 2800F, this is the hardware your exhaust will benefit from the most.

Features and Benefits:
- Reduces engine bay temperatures
- Handles direct heat up to 1800°F and radiant heat up to 2800°F
- Includes stainless steel locking ties that resist corrosion
- Universal Fitment

- (1) 2" x 35' Roll of Heat Wrap
- (6) 6" Stainless Locking Ties
- (2) 14" Stainless Locking Ties54.95