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Mishimoto Coolant Expansion Tank Aluminum Black Focus ST 2013-2018/Focus RS 2016-2018 Black

Mishimoto Coolant Expansion Tank Aluminum Black Focus ST 2013-2018/Focus RS 2016-2018 Black

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Mishimoto Black Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Focus STs and 2016, 2017 and 2018 Focus RSs.

If you take your Ford Focus to shows where experts and enthusiasts are checking under your hood, the last think you want is for them to see the eye-sore that is the Focus stock coolant tank. Add some under-hood appeal and reliability to your engine bay with this Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank from Mishimoto.

This tank is made completely from high-quality aluminum, so it will last much longer than your factory original tank against the heat and wear over time. Plastic is prone to failure from constant temperature changes, but the durable TIG-welded 6061 aluminum tank has optimum durability and longevity. It is compatible with the stock expansion tank cap and includes an overflow nipple on the neck for adding an additional coolant tank so your Focus RS is NHRA legal. This tank comes in three different finishes to help fit your customization aesthetic: black, wrinkle red and wrinkle nitrous blue.

Coolant Expansion Tank Features:
- 100% aluminum
- Fully-welded construction for maximum durability during repeated temperature transitions
- Sight tube allows for proper hot and cold coolant levels
- Internal baffle keeps coolant near overflow port during aggressive driving, preventing air entry into coolant system
- Overflow nipple on fill neck allows for installation of additional NHRA-mandated overflow reservoir
- Fits with stock overflow tank cap
- Available in wrinkle nitrous blue, wrinkle red, or black powder-coated finish

- 2013-2018 Focus ST
- 2016-2018 Focus RS

Internal baffles prevent coolant starvation from overflow ports on the engine and reduce coolant sloshing during high-speed cornering, braking or acceleration. Mishimoto engineers also included a sight tube so you can properly observe the hot and cold coolant levels, making engine maintenance that much easier. The tank fits all 2013-2018 Focus STs and 2016-2018 Focus RSs and installation takes under an hour because the tank was designed with precise fitment in mind.

Please Note: After a few hot and cold cycles, it is recommended that you check the sight glass on the side of your new expansion tank to confirm your coolant levels are accurate.