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MAP Valve Spring Kit w/ Titanium Retainers | 2015+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang (MAP EBM-BSK-UD+TR)

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Ecoboost Mustang Valve Springs and Retainers

MAPerformance Spring and Titanium Retainer kits utilize beehive springs which have a huge number of benefits over stock-style cylindrical springs.

MAP Titanium Retainers are a very important addition to any high performance engine that will be seeing high revs and a lot of power. Using these in combination with upgraded valve springs will reduce the weight on your valve train and still increase overall strength.


  • Reduced valve spring mass
  • Faster valve acceleration
  • Increased valve train rigidity
  • Reduced valve train component stress
  • Coil bind 2.3 @.805"
  • Installed height 2.3 1.460" @65lbs
  • Open pressure 2.3 1.000" @165lbs piper 285


  • 2015+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang

What's in the box?

  • x16 Beehive valve springs
  • x16 Titanium retainers
  • x32 Valve locks