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Killer B Motorsport Aluminum Oil Pan - 2002-2014 WRX / 2004+ STI

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The Killer B Motorsport V4 Performance Cast Oil pan is designed to reliably meet the demands of high performance Subaru Engines used on street or track applications. This Oil Pan holds an extra 1.4 quarts of oil, over 30% increase in capacity over the OEM one. This Oil Pan was designed to work with their Ultimate Oil Pickup (OEM ones are known to break), but can be modified to work with the OEM pickup.

This oil pan works with almost all headers and all are fit and leak tested before leaving Killer B Motorsport. There have been reported issues of fitment issues with some Invidia headers, but not all.

Each pan comes with an OEM sized drain port as well as one 1/2" NPT Port. You will need to get a plug for the NPT port if you don't plan on using a quick drain valve or anything else.

OEM Belly pan will need to have a small piece trimmed on some models.

Turbo EJ20 engines will need to the EJ25 Oil Pick Up and either change to the STi dipstick or simply mark the old dipstick with a new full mark.