Howards Ultimate Duty Billet Steel Rods (DSM 6 Bolt with 22mm Wrist Pins)

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What Is Ultimate Duty?

Howards Racing Components developed these connecting rods to fulfill the needs of the hardcore enthusiast. Designed to handle 1000+ horsepower in a 4 cylinder application these truly are ultimate duty connecting rods!



Research & Development

The research phase for these connecting rods consisted of a process called Finite Element Analysis which helped us to determine the weakest points of the factory connecting rod design. Using that information we developed a prototype using state-of-the-art CNC equipment that included the finest high nickel AQ4340 billet steel material, Ampco 18 bronze wristpin bushings, Manton alignment sleeves, and massive 7/16" ARP 2000 series fasteners (torqued to 70 ft lbs using the supplied lubricant). In the final development phase the prototype was heat treated, fully stress relieved, and shot peened to ensure that no stress risers or surface imperfections remain. The end result: A 652 gram connecting rod that we feel is the strongest and most reliable steel connecting rod available on the market for this application.

Features and Installation Notes

  • 100 Percent Made in the USA
  • Manton Alignment Sleeves
  • Ampco 18 Wristpin Material
  • 7/16" ARP2000 Series Fasteners - Torque to 70ft lbs using the supplied lubricant
  • Full Stress Relieved and Shot Peened
  • Certified 4340 Aircraft Quality Steel
  • Heat Treated for Strength and Reliability
  • DSM 6 Bolt/1st Gen Connecting Rods Utilize the Larger 22mm Wrist Pin for Greater Strength and Maximum Piston Choice

IMPORTANT NOTE: DSM 6 Bolt/1st gen connecting rods utilize the larger 22mm wrist pin for greater strength and maximum piston choice. ALSO These rods my not fit some pistons because of the upper rod Wight. Check with piston manufacturer before buying.