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Go Fast Bits DV+ Diverter Valve Focus ST 13+

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The Go Fast Bits T9354 Diverter Valve has been designed to work with several factory turbocharged applications and allows boost to be recirculated in a quiet manner out affecting factory ECU control. If you have boost leaks or hindered performance due to a damaged or worn factory blow off valve, then this GFB unit will hold your boost while improving throttle response. This is a low-noise style blow off valve for those of you who want something a little more conservative that doesn't draw more attention to your vehicle much like your typical aftermarket blow off valve. 

This is a fully recirculating direct fitment style blow off valve with a pneumatic diaphragm which is used on blow off valves found on Porsche, Volvo, Ford, and Borg Warner style turbochargers. This blow-off valve has been built to last and has been fabricated from high-grade metals, and will help vehicles get to peak boost up to 30% faster when compared to the factory blow off valve. 

This blow off valve will require simple assembly before installation and will come provided with hardware, as well as a tool.