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ETS Mitsubishi 3000GT Front Mount Intercooler - 3000GT

ETS Mitsubishi 3000GT Front Mount Intercooler

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The ETS 3000GT Front Mount Intercooler. 

  • Piping not included.

Main Points of Interest:

  • 75% Larger Core No matter how good an intercooler is designed and how efficient the core is; if it isn't large enough for the application, it will not do an adequate job. The stock intercoolers have an internal volume of 275cu/in, while the ETS unit has an internal volume of 1092cu/in of very dense and efficient internal fins.
  • ETS Bar and Plate Core The ETS core is the best intercooler cores on the market hands down. The ETS cores feature a unique blend of offset and staggered internal fins, and louvered external fins. This yields a very high efficiency unit, while still allowing ample air to the radiator. 
  • Retains Stock Components Our intercooler kit does not require removal or relocation of the charcoal canister, fan(s), or oil cooler. Just relocation of the horns to another stock hole, and that's it.
  • Retains Splash guards and ground effects Your engine bay stays clean with the inner fenders, and lower splash guards in place. By keeping the front end under car spoilers, you will maintain the factory stability at high speeds.
  • Performance The ETS kit is a true performer. Upon installation, you will notice that the car no longer falls-off in performance after a few hard pulls. Also if you had knocking issues above 16psi, it will be eliminated. As you upgrade to bigger turbos and more boost, the kit continue to shine more and more.
  • 26x12x3.5 Intercooler Core.