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AEM Electronics UEGO Failsafe Wideband AFR/Boost Gauge

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Here are the features:

  • This is a universal exhaust gas oxygen controller
  • Designed with an internal boost sensor, internal data logger, and a full-color organic light emitting diode (OLED) display
  • Includes technology to activate a failsafe strategy in the event that the AFR fails outside of a user-defined setting, will trigger a user-defined output function that can save the engine from catastrophic damage
  • The FAILSAFE function will continue to monitor the AFR and boost and vacuum to make sure that the AFR does not fall out of the defined operating window at a given boost or vacuum level
  • Guage will trigger a low side output if it detects an AFR reading that is out of range
  • Includes software to configure the low side output and create a user-adjustable time delay strategy to prevent false alarms
  • Contains an onboard for logging over 3 hours of data recording (20Hz per parameter) of AFR, RPM, boost, alarm, and others. Data logs can be downloaded for viewing in the new AEMdata software
  • More details:

  • 52mm gauge size
  • Includes Bosch 4.2LSU AFR wideband sensor for monitoring and feedback of AFR 
  • Includes onboard boost sensor to read vacuum or boost sensor up to 29 PSIG
  • Boost and AFR can be displayed in real time on the gauge’s face using the full-color OLED screen and 24 three-color sweeping LEDs
  • Includes a variety of gauge faces for user preference
  • Includes all of the wiring making this gauge ready for the installation