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cp-e™ xFlex™ Mazda Mazdaspeed6 Rear Differential Mount

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Mazdaspeed6 Rear Differential Mount

As a testament to our engineering and design, the cp-e™ equipped Mazdaspeed6’s have been making more power than ever. And while breaking this new ground they are breaking more parts!

Last year the first broken differential mount was delivered to us by a customer, and we were asked to create a bullet-proof replacement rear mount for the vehicle. Not one to turn down a challenge, we set out to manufacture the baddest, “no holds barred” differential mount good for whatever you can throw at it.

The cp-e™ differential mount is the epitome of over-engineering, and after you install it you will never need to worry about this mount ever again. We utilized finite element analysis tools (FEA) to optimize the mount geometry. By placing material in critical areas, we increased the area moment of inertia; a rating of an objects resistance to bending. Our computer-aided evaluation of the mount indicated a three-fold increase in resistance to bending over the stock mount!

Our mount is constructed from cold rolled steel and is powdercoated for corrosion resistance and an attractive presentation. The bushings are 60-duro rubber inserts that positively locate the differential, but will not rattle your passenger’s teeth out. This unit is a direct replacement for the factory differential mount and comes with everything necessary for a complete installation.