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Clutch Masters 2017+ Honda Civic FK8 Type-R 2.0T Clutch, FX - Single Disc Clutch Series

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Now available! Clutch Masters performance clutch kits for the 2017+ Honda Civic 2.0T Type-R. Built to OEM specifications to work with the factory OEM single-mass flywheel (SMF).
The Clutch masters high-leverage pressure plate offers over 700 lbs additional clamping force than the factory pressure plate. We incorporate our ductile iron casting and heat treated straps to gain the additional clamp load while still maintaining a soft pedal feel with smooth clutch engagement.
Clutch kits include a heavy duty pressure plate, performance disc, release bearing and alignment tool.
FX100 - 08520-HD00
  • Heavy Duty Pressure Plate With Sprung, Organic Clutch Disc