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AMS Widemouth Downpipe - Mitsubishi Evo X

Regular price $484.95 USD
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This downpipe has been designed with a combination of smooth bends with an increased piping diameter to greatly improve the performance and response of your vehicle. 

Here are the details:

  • Best flowing design that is currently available and replaces the O2 housing and downpipe 
  • Wide mouth design matches the exact shape and size of the turbine outlet
  • 100% cast stainless steel construction with no mild steel flanges or cheap tubing
  • 15+ wheel horsepower gains over stock
  • 304 stainless steel flex section
  • Bolts up to the factory catalytic converter
  • Wideband bung and plug
  • Drastically increased exhaust gas flow
  • AMS logo implemented in the design
  • Direct bolt-on installation that requires no cutting or drilling
  • Ideal for stock or modified vehicles
  • Includes new gaskets