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Air Lift Performance Rear Shocks (Focus ST)

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The Performance Series rear shocks from Air Lift are designed to provide outstanding performance with height adjustability in mind. These shocks are 30-way damping adjustable and feature threaded bodies, which allows you to dial in the overall compressed height of the rear of your vehicle. If you’re running an aggressive wheel fitment where the wheel or tire could come in contact with your vehicle’s body panels, adjusting the threaded bottom bracket will allow your car to air out at the perfect height every time. Due to the adjustable length of these shocks, you won’t need to worry about sourcing / making the perfect sized bump stops which in turn allows for a quicker and easier install.
  • Applications
  • Ford Focus ST Mk3 FWD (2013-2018)
  • Ford Focus RS Mk3 AWD (2016-2018)