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2014.5-2017 Focus ST StopTech Sport Slotted Front & Rear Brake Kit (13.2" Rotors) 977.65003 2014.5-2018 Focus ST StopTech Sport Slotted Front & Rear Brake Kit (13.2

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Complete Rotor, Brake Pad and Brake Line Kit

The 2014 to 2017 Focus ST can get up and go pretty darn quickly, however if you want to bring your hot hatch to a halt safely and efficiently in every day driving conditions, you'll want to upgrade your braking setup with StopTech's Sport Slotted Front & Rear Brake Kit. This heavy-duty braking upgrade by StopTech includes both driver and passenger side front & rear rotors, StopTech's Sport brake pads and stainless steel brake lines, dramatically improving all-weather braking performance and extending service intervals. The rotors' slotted design leaves more surface area in tact than conventional cross drilled rotors, helping to maintain the highest possible co-efficient of friction for the Sport brake pads to work against, thus increasing the immediate braking power that allows your Focus ST to stop on a dime. Stainless steel brake lines reduce system compliance and improve durability.

Corrosion-Resistant StopTech E-Coated Rotor Finish

StopTech coats the rotor hats, vanes and edges of the slotted brake rotors with a premium corrosion-resistant black e-coat that eliminates overspray, drip and drain losses. StopTech's e-coated finish is designed to withstand 400 hours of saltwater exposure without rusting and provides long lasting corrosion protection. If you're looking to improve stopping power in every day driving conditions, extend rotor and pad life and reduce dust, you can't go wrong with StopTech's Slotted Vented Rotors. The included front and rear slotted rotors are direct replacements for your factory setup and feature the same diameters. StopTech's Sport Brake Pads provide excellent actuation, modulation and release for smooth, powerful braking performance every time.

Fitment: 2014.5-2017 Focus ST (build date after 3/31/2014)

Front Rotor Size: 13.2" factory replacements

Rear Rotor Size: 10.7" factory replacements