09+ GTR AMS Performance 90mm Catted Midpipe - Race Only

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The Alpha R35 GT-R 90mm Catted Midpipe is one of the largest midpipes available on the market. So that your R35 GT-R remains compliant with state and local emissions regulations, their midpipe incorporates a set of high flow catalytic converters that are EPA certified in 49 states. These GESI Ultra High Output (UHO) stainless steel cats provide the highest level of emissions control with no notable loss in horsepower when compared to a Race midpipe.

With an Alpha 90mm Catted Midpipe installed, your GT-R will maintain the power of a straight pipe setup without the hassle of having to switch back to your stock midpipe in the event you are called for emissions testing. Their cats are designed with racing in mind and can handle the most severe of driving conditions. Unlike standard cores used by many of their competitors, these will withstand up to 1500 degrees F and will not rattle loose after repeated heat cycles and heavy driving.

Like all products they manufacture, the Alpha R35 GT-R 90mm Catted Midpipe offers you unrivaled fit, finish and performance. Each piece is constructed of high quality stainless steel and hand TIG welded by one of their AMS master fabricators. In addition to a superior set of catalytic converters, they also use the highest quality stainless steel flex sections and 3/8?? thick connecting flanges to complete an overall design that will last the lifetime of your GT-R.


  • Large 90mm (3.5") primary section
  • GESI Ultra high output race catalytic converters
  • EPA Certified high output catalytic converters
  • Unique end-cap design catalytic converters
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Precision TIG welded
  • Twin 76mm (3") stainless steel flex sections
  • All 3/8" flanged connections
  • Stock-like fitment and no ground clearance issues
  • Bolts up to the stock downpipes and muffler back exhaust
  • Includes gaskets and hardware
  • Unrivaled fit and finish
  • Nissan GT-R R35 09-18
  • This product is intended for RACE USE ONLY